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5 Cameras of the Honor 30 Pro+: Why So Many and How They Shoot



5 Cameras of the Honor 30 Pro+ Why So Many and How They Shoot

In the World, sales of the main model in the Honor 30 line – the Honor 30 Pro+ smartphone, began, and it is already called one of the best camera phones of 2020. Each of its five cameras has its own purpose and its own unique features. We talk about each “eye” of the flagship.

Main camera

It will be more accurate to say even the “main module of the main camera” – the main lens on the rear panel. The one in the middle. Behind it lies a 50-megapixel RYYB-matrix sensor Sony IMX700 size 1 / 1.28 inches with sensors for phase autofocus (it also helps the laser focus system) and optical stabilization. Its pixel size is 2.44 microns.

Main camera

By default, the main camera shoots at a resolution of 12.5 MP – this is the main mode in which data from four neighboring points are combined. The resolution in this case is lower, but the shooting quality is improved.

But if you need the smallest details, then the Honor 30 Pro+ has a Hi-Res mode – then all 50 megapixels separately are at your service. By the way, in previous models, the ultra-sharpness mode excluded any software improvements, and in the new flagship, the use of artificial intelligence can be turned on or off.

Ultra wide angle camera

This tool can already be considered an essential element of any serious flagship smartphone, and now a serious struggle has begun not only for its availability, but also for quality. In wide-angle mode, the Honor 30 Pro+ uses a lens with a viewing angle of 117 degrees and an aperture of F2.2, as well as a 16 megapixel sensor. There is also autofocus – this is far from always found in wide-angle modules. Why is he needed at all? To shoot architecture (otherwise the building simply does not fit in the frame), interiors (for housing announcements – strictly necessary) and group shots of a very large company. Well, ridiculously distorted physiognomy, of course!


This is not a “photo on the phone”, but a camera with a telephoto lens – one with a large focal length, and if simpler – with a zoom. Such a module in the Honor 30 Pro+ provides 5x optical zoom in an individual program, and together with the main camera – 10x hybrid zoom.

And the smartphone has learned an absolutely incredible 50x digital zoom: here the camera, optical stabilization, digital and artificial intelligence are laid out in full.


The smartphone’s interface helps you not miss the mark and in the corner displays a frame without magnification with a rectangle that the magnification is aimed at right now.

The fourth mysterious (in fact, no) lens

Next to the three large camera lenses, which we have already talked about, there is another smaller one. Strictly speaking, this module cannot be called a camera, because it does not issue photographs by itself. But it helps the main module – it is a depth sensor. Thanks to him, the smartphone understands where the subject is, and where is the background, and creates a beautiful bokeh.

Front cameras

There are two of them and, by the way, both of them are embedded directly into the screen of the smartphone. The main one has a 32 megapixel sensor and an F2.0 lens, there is autofocus. The second is wide-angle with an 8 megapixel matrix, it is useful for group selfies, well, or just to show not only yourself, but everything around. There is also a background blur mode.

The main front camera
Wide angle front camera
Blur background


Extra super power of the ultra-wide-angle camera is super macro shooting. That is, she can photograph very small objects from a distance of a few centimeters. In this mode, the world generally opens up from a new perspective: you can see small hairs of insects, pollen on flowers, consider a drawing on an old coin, dew drops on a blade of grass – and save it for memory or for Instagram, of course.

Night mode

The strong side of cameras in Honor smartphones is night shooting. This is a special mode in which the device takes several frames with different shutter speeds, combines them, increases detail (thanks to AI), removes noise, smooths out lighting. And we get a result that even “adult” cameras are not capable of, but even so, then this will require a tripod, dexterity, speed and a lot of time for manual post-processing. And the Honor 30 Pro+ does it all by itself. Moreover, this night mode works with almost all smartphone cameras (except for the front wide-angle).

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