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5 applications that should be removed from your Android smartphone




There are many applications that not only do not benefit, but also interfere with the adequate and enjoyable operation of the smartphone. We have collected 5 applications that should be removed from the smartphone to make using the smartphone more enjoyable and convenient.


The first thing to do is get rid of social networking client applications that you use infrequently or are willing to replace with web versions – especially Facebook. Despite all the features that the application offers, it also consumes a lot of resources of your system and impairs autonomy. In many studies by experts, it is the Facebook application that ranks first in the top applications that consume the most resources.


Surprisingly, even seemingly light applications such as The Weather Channel and other weather applications are not really what they seem. Specifically in The Weather Channel, and in many of its alternatives, developers embed widgets, weather maps and many other questionable chips for most users, which simply consume system resources. It’s better to just use standard weather search on Google than to sacrifice system resources for a beautiful design.


For many users, antivirus programs on Android still remain a necessity, but it should be understood that 90 percent of users do not need an antivirus. When installing applications from Google Play, you will not be able to infect your smartphone, and the antivirus will simply consume the resources of the smartphone.


Another common legend is that a smartphone can be cleaned or accelerated using various cleaning applications, the most popular of which is Clean Master, but these applications are generally quite similar and similar to each other. It should be understood that such applications simply kill background processes, which will still run over time, but they themselves are an additional background process, which only slows down the operation of your device.

Standard browsers

You should also remove and not use built-in browsers from smartphone developers. Often such browsers are full of advertising, and sometimes merge the user’s personal data. It’s best to uninstall these browsers right away and install Google Chrome or other popular time-tested browsers.

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