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4th generation iPad Air – specifications and detailed photos



We’ve finally got the fourth generation iPad Air! We have it in blue and mint colors. And amazing moments are associated with them. But first things first.

The colors don’t really seem all that bright. Blue looks more interesting …

But until you put the Smart Folio on it:

In cases, it is green that seems more desirable. Actually, that’s why Valya Wylsacom chose it when unpacking it. But without a cover, it’s still more interesting to be blue:

But how do you protect your screen from scratches?

New features of the Touch ID scanner in the power button:

It works really fast – just as fast as Face ID. But you don’t need to pull the curtain!

Another innovation: USB Type-C and the absence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. By the way, the USB connectors are colored in the body color:

And finally, there are stereo speakers! This is what the past generation lacked so much.

The connectors for the keyboard remained in the same place – at the bottom:

Basically, the new fourth-generation iPad Air uses the chassis from the 2020 iPad Pro. There are not so many differences from it: the processor is newer, but weaker (the CPU contains six cores, not eight as in the firmware), there is no 120 Hz and there is no Face ID. In the photo below, the iPad Pro is on the left, and the new Air is on the right:

The “pro” has a sensor system for Face ID, while the Air does not.

Due to a new 5nm processor and lower refresh rates and Touch ID, the new iPad Air should last significantly longer than the iPad Pro.

The new chassis is the new Apple Pencil. This is the second generation of the stylus:

But two Apple Pencils of different generations are charged on the iPad Air, also of two different generations:

And here are the third and fourth generations of the tablet from different sides:

Life hack: if you are going to buy a new iPhone, then I recommend buying a new iPad Air – after all, there is a power supply in the kit!

And its power is as much as twenty watts. Two thousand can be saved!

Overall, what can you expect from the new iPad? There will definitely not be revolutionary innovations. Maybe new colors. And only because of this factor, it becomes a very desirable novelty.

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