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4 thousand LG TVs recalled in Russia



The Russian representative office of LG Electronics recalled more than 4 thousand branded TVs. This was reported by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

According to Rosstandart, Russia has launched a voluntary recall program for 4,009 LG TVs. Some 2016 and 2017 models experienced overheating events that damaged the power board or back cover, preventing the TVs from working properly.

According to LG, the examination revealed that when OLED TVs overheat, there is no risk of flame or fire spreading outside the TV. In addition, to date, there are no cases of overheating of these OLED TVs in Russia. However, the manufacturer decided to replace the power boards not only in TVs, where problems were noted, but also in other models.

The revocation program applies to:

  • OLED65E6, OLED65G6, OLED77G6 models produced in 2016
  • OLED65C7, OLED65E7, OLED65G7 models produced in 2017
  • OLED77G7, OLED65W8 models produced in 2018
  • Models OLED77C8, OLED77W8, OLED65W9, OLED77C9, OLED77W9 produced in 2019.

These TVs will have their old power boards replaced free of charge. The company will notify about the need for repair using a pop-up notification when the devices are connected to the Internet.

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