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4 habits that will harm your smartphone




Work, rest, communication – today it is difficult to imagine them without phones. It seems like everything is under control now, but do you really know how to use your gadgets?

Experts share the most common habits that harm smart devices, and give advice on how to properly care for them.

1. Regular updates.

Is your settings icon on your smartphone constantly “lit” with messages and reminders about operating system updates?

Experts advise you to take such action immediately, even if your phone works smoothly without updates.

Manufacturers are always working to improve the functionality of applications, the introduction of new user-friendly solutions and generally improve the performance of the phone.

But most importantly, each new version of the software can overcome previous security vulnerabilities, help protect your data even better, and prevent cyberattacks.

2. Background applications – disable or leave?

Probably many people have heard advice to disable applications running on the background of a smartphone, and thus save battery power. It turns out that this is just a myth – for iOS and Android.

According to experts and developers, only one program always runs in one active window, and if the smart processor needs more RAM during the process, operating systems automatically stop unused programs.

Also, every time you close and then reopen an app, your phone consumes more power than when you restart an application in the background.

3. Is the phone discharged? Give him a rest.

The phone is discharged, but as soon as you plugged in the charger, did you continue browsing the web? Or maybe you are constantly answering calls when your smartphone is charging?

These habits, which are common to many people, can damage the charging connector – even the slightest movement of the cord connected to the phone will deform it, and in the long run can completely damage it.

To prevent this, it is recommended that you leave the charged phone alone or disconnect the charger before each use.

4. Clean the phone screen.

According to research, every day we touch our smartphone an average of about 2 thousand times a day, so it must withstand the constant pressure of greasy fingers, dust scratches, dirty skin and bacteria. However, sticky screens can be avoided by simply cleaning them regularly according to the basic rules.

Do you just wipe the dirty screen with a paper towel or pants? Experts suggest giving up these habits – on such surfaces may appear sand, invisible to the naked eye, which can scratch both the screen and the back of the smartphone.

It is important to remember that screen cleaners that contain alcohol, acetone, or other acids should not be used to care for the screen.

This can damage the grease-repellent material that covers the smart screens, making them even more greasy. Microfiber cloth, moistened with water or detergents, designed specifically for such glass, is best suited for cleaning.

Not only does it safely remove greasy fingerprints, it also kills bacteria and helps polish existing scratches.

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