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3 reasons that indicate that your WiFi may be intervened



In recent years the use of WiFi networks has become an absolute necessity. Rare is the establishment, bar, restaurant or place of interest that does not offer a Wi-Fi connection so that its visitors and customers can connect to the Internet without having to spend their data rate. On the other hand, surely it has ever happened to you that you are at home watching a movie through a platform such as HBO Max, Prime Video or Netflix and, suddenly, the Internet connection begins to fail or causes excruciating slowness. This can be caused by several reasons that show that your WiFi may be intervened.

If you suddenly detect that your Internet connection is slower than usual, it is possible that someone is stealing your WiFi. However, not all users know how to detect it and remedy it.

a slow connection

One of the main reasons that denote that your WiFi network may be intervened is a drop in connection speed. Although it seems typical and obvious, it can be an unequivocal symptom that someone is consuming your network resources without your permission.

If you notice that the tasks you usually do such as playing video games, streaming content or downloading files are slower than normal, it is more than likely that they are accessing your connection. For check which devices are connected to your WiFi network you can do it through your router. Although depending on the router model, in all of them you will find the Linked Devices, Device List or Home Network tab. Accessing you will see the section with the device of devices connected to your WiFi network.

Limit device access to your router

If after checking the list of devices connected to your WiFi network you do not detect any unknown devices at that time, but you still suspect that someone may be accessing your connection, one of the solutions you can take is to give permission from the router only to the devices that you want.

Depending on the router you have, the steps to follow will vary a bit, but it all starts with access the gateway of your router Next, go to Wireless > Basic and increase or decrease the number of devices you want to have access under “Max Clients”.

Turn off Wi-Fi access

WiFi theft leaves its mark and this track is closely linked to the drop in connection speed that we mentioned earlier. If we deactivate the Wi-Fi access of all the devices we have at home such as Smart TV, mobile phones, tablets, computers and consoles, among others, and the light corresponding to the WLAN of the router is still on, it is almost certain that the signal is being diverted to other terminals. .

Each terminal has an IP address and through various programs we can know if someone steals our WiFi signal. To completely neutralize someone from outside connecting to your network or becoming the victim of a cyber attack, it is very important that you have the security of your router correctly configured.

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The electric version of the best-selling car in the US. Ford F-150 Lightning finally started shipping to retail customers



The electric version of the best selling car in the US

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The electric version of the best-selling car in the US.  Ford F-150 Lightning finally started shipping to retail customers

The company started production of the machines last month, and now the machines have begun to arrive to customers. The very first such lucky person is captured in the photo above.

A resident of Michigan booked a Platinum Trim Lightning package on May 20 last year, and he received the car on May 26 of this year, that is, almost exactly a year later. Interestingly, this person owns a Tesla Model 3, has already posted a Cybertruck deposit, and was considering buying a Rivian R1T.

Since the Ford F-Series is the best-selling car in the US, it’s no surprise that the company has amassed a huge amount of pre-orders for the electric version, and right now Ford can’t say exactly when it will be able to fulfill all these orders. This year, the company is going to produce only 40,000 cars, despite the fact that orders have been collected at least 200,000.

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Telegram Premium is getting closer - the messenger will no longer be “free forever”

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi said that the text of the slide has changed in the section with translations for the client applications of the messenger. Now it looks like this: “Telegram offers free unlimited cloud storage for chats and media files.” Although there has been no official statement from the developers so far, it can be assumed that this is preparation for the launch of Telegram Premium.

In the fall of 2021, advertising appeared in the messenger: ads began to be displayed in large channels and groups. Premium features were also previously announced: in particular, paid account holders will receive a special badge next to their name, full-screen emojis and some other features will be available to them.

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A brand new Apple product could be unveiled in a

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A brand new Apple product could be unveiled in a week.  The company registers the trademark realityOS

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These applications were filed back in December, but the important thing is that they have a foreign filing deadline – the date by which an applicant must file a foreign patent application in order to claim an earlier domestic patent application – June 8th. That is, two days after WWDC. That is, it is very likely that it is at WWDC 2022 that the Cupertino giant will for the first time tell something about its headset, or at least its OS.

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