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$ 17 Lefon USB Condenser Microphone for Podcasts & Streaming




On the AliExpress sells a versatile Lefon microphone suitable for singing, streaming, podcasting, interviewing, video conferencing etc.

What can

It is a condenser microphone that uses conductive plates and vibration of the diaphragm and more sensitive than other types of microphones. The manufacturer promises rich sound from sources directly in front of the microphone, and voice without distortion. AND to get the best record, in comes with pop filter from adjustable distance between it and microphone.

Also, for convenience, users will receive a convenient tripod with flexible mount that rotates on 270 degrees.

The microphone connects to computer or laptop via USB. Moreover, at his cord is quite long 1.8 m.


Microphone together with filter and tripod can be ordered at AliExpress for only $ 17.15.

Source: AliExpress


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