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To use your Galaxy S9 smartphone comfortably, it is important that it holds a charge for a long time and performs its functions properly. If the battery life is reduced, and the device itself fails under high loads, a new battery should be installed.

For self-installation, you must have additional tools, which I will describe in this manual. Also, you need to prepare the workplace – it must be well lit and free of dust.

It is important to understand that without the appropriate skills, it can be difficult to repair. This instruction is of a recommendatory nature and does not induce action.

The time it took me to replace was about 60 minutes.

Tools to be used:

  • Flat master keys;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Capacity for storing screws;
  • Openers;
  • Tweezers;
  • Plastic tear-off tool;
  • Sucker;
  • Phillips screwdriver 1.5 mm (Phillips PH00);
  • Alcohol;
  • Scotch tape (in the absence of it on the part itself).
  • Well myself battery for Samsung Galaxy s9 (Battery marking EB-BG960ABE).

STEP 1 – Turn off your smartphone

  1. Hold the power button until the screen displays “Power off”. Click Turn Off.
  2. Be sure to wait for the screen to turn off.

10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 2 – Remove the back cover

To remove it, we need a hairdryer, since the heated glue will be easier to loosen. In addition to a hair dryer, you will need a suction cup and flat tools – Openers.

  1. We heat the upper corner of the lid, from which we begin to detach the lid. Install a suction cup on this edge.
  2. Carefully insert the Opener between the lid and the frame and pull on the suction cup.
  3. Next, we heat the next area and, in turn, insert the openers into the slots, passing them along the edge to loosen the glue.
  4. On the bottom edge of the smartphone, the adhesive is particularly strong and may take longer to heat up with a hairdryer.
  5. Important! Removing the cover is the longest process, so don’t be afraid to spend more time on it than you planned. Remember that the back cover is fragile and may break. If difficulties arise, heat the place again.

1616869390 917 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869391 783 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869391 724 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869392 919 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

As soon as the back panel around the entire perimeter is peeled off, you need to slightly lift it to disable the fingerprint sensor.

STEP 3 – Disable the fingerprint sensor

  1. Carefully lift the cover and use a spudger to remove the sensor.
  2. After that, you can completely remove the back panel and set it aside.

1616869392 190 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869393 764 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 4 – Unscrew the screws, remove the motherboard cover

Prepare the place where you will store the screws, as there are 2 types of screws in different lengths in this smartphone. If you have difficulty unscrewing it, use tweezers. We recommend remembering the unscrewing sequence.

  1. Remove the screws marked in the image with red rectangles and set them aside.
  2. Next, slightly lift the cover of the motherboard with the NFC tag and remove it. It snaps off from above.

1616869394 277 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869394 207 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 5 – Disconnect the battery

  1. After removing the motherboard protection, we can get to the battery cable. The connector is marked in the photo with a red rectangle.
  2. Disconnect the connector with a plastic spatula to avoid short circuits during repair.

1616869395 260 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869396 751 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 6 – Unscrew the speaker screws and remove it

Also prepare a place to store the screws.

  1. Remove the screws marked in the image with red rectangles and set aside.
  2. Gently lift the speaker with tweezers, then remove it and set it aside as well.

1616869397 192 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9
1616869397 408 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869398 857 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 7 – Removing the battery

Here you need a flat and not sharp tool, since the battery is glued to the body. Important! Do not damage the motherboard or other components while working.

  1. Insert the tool from the side between the housing and the battery. Lift it up slowly to loosen the glue.
  2. Then repeat the process on all sides.
  3. Once you are sure that the glue is loose everywhere, carefully remove the battery from the case. Set it aside to prepare for disposal later.

1616869399 713 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869399 785 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869400 380 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 8 – Prepare and install a new battery

  1. Remove the protective tape from the tape on the new battery. (If your part does not have adhesive tape, you need to place it on the battery yourself.)
  2. Insert the battery into the case. It should be of a clear fit and not difficult to install.
  3. Gently press down on the battery while pressing it against the body so that the glue sets better.

1616869400 559 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869401 222 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 9 – Putting the smartphone together, putting everything back in place

  1. Place the speaker back on the board with the charging connector and tighten with the screws. Make sure it snaps into place at the bottom.
  2. Connect the battery connector.
  3. Replace the protective cover on the motherboard. Make sure that it snaps into place and tighten the screws in the same sequence as you unscrewed.
  4. Next, reconnect the fingerprint sensor. Bring the cover to the body of the smartphone as close as possible and carefully connect the sensor.

1616869402 338 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869402 249 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869403 469 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S91616869392 190 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

STEP 10 – Installing the back cover back

If the panel was deformed due to swelling of the battery or broke during repairs, install a new one. back cover for samsung. Since any defect can lead to further breakdown of the insides.

  1. We prepare the surface of the lid for glue application. Degrease with alcohol.
  2. Before installing the cover, make sure that the glue is evenly applied, remove the excess.
  3. Next, holding the cover exactly over the smartphone, press it.
  4. Heat the seams with a hair dryer to loosen the glue.
  5. Press down on the back panel with your fingers until the glue cools down.

1616869403 633 10 steps to change battery on Samsung Galaxy S9

Now Samsung Galaxy S9 is ready to go again! I turn it on, run a performance check.

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