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10 great equipment dedicated to professional gamers 10 great equipment dedicated to professional gamers


10 great equipment dedicated to professional gamers



Professional gaming is now considered a discipline in its own right. Whether for passion or for official tournaments, it requires great rigor. In addition to skills, the professional gamer must also equip himself with good quality materials. Today there is a wide range of devices and accessories intended specifically for gaming.

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The essential models put the gamer in good conditions to take over the opponents and beat the records. What are these essential equipment for any professional gamer? Note that you will find as a bonus, for each type of equipment, some of the best devices on the market today.

A PC Gamer or a dynamic game console

Depending on the budget and certain preferences, the player can equip himself with a PC Gamer, game console or both.

A gaming PC

Games and their various extensions require high performance. For a professional gamer, the PC is the main tool. It is from this that all commands and actions are executed. Some gamers prefer to pay for the components separately and assemble a machine themselves according to their preferences. But pre-assembled gaming PCs sold by official manufacturers also show good performance.

The main characteristics to check to choose a good PC Gamer are the processor, the RAM, the graphics card and the motherboard. The capabilities of these components must be several notches above those of conventional computers. This allows the gamer to live an exceptional gaming experience away from slowness and bugs.

The central unit must obviously be connected to a high-resolution screen to take advantage of all its performance and good image quality. There are nevertheless laptop which are specially dedicated to gaming. Always with exponential performance, they allow the player to indulge in his favorite activity even while on the move.

A game console

Even if the PC gamer offers more options to the gamer, the game consoles are just as important. Some games are only compatible with consoles. This equipment could therefore easily be paired with the PC Gamer. In addition to being less expensive, the console is also easier to use compared to the PC which can sometimes require computer skills.

For a professional, the best thing is to get the most recent consoles on the market. This will prevent the gamer from being surprised by important updates and also allow him to play new game releases.

A keyboard or controller

These two pieces of equipment can be useful to the gamer depending on the main device used.

A responsive keyboard

It is with a mechanical keyboard that professional gamers are able to make the most combinations with maximum success. It is configurable according to user preferences with a special set of keys. The mechanical keyboard is also preferred by gamers because of its robust character. It is designed with keys that can support up to 50 millions keystrokes with rapid response.

This is essentially what gamers who only have these peripherals need to control a game from afar. To distinguish them from classic keyboards, it is necessary to refer to their particular design and their slightly higher weight. Mechanical keyboards can make a lot of noise, but there are also quieter ones on the market. It all depends on the manufacturer and the cost of the product.

An ergonomic handle

The joysticks are also very essential for a professional gamer. Some games can only be played optimally with this type of equipment. The key system is much easier to handle, which facilitates certain sequences. In gaming, it’s not just this aspect that counts.

The player must ensure that his wireless or wired controller is compatible with his console as well as his PC and perhaps with his phone or tablet. This gives greater mobility to the player who can switch to any screen at any time. The controller must perfectly fit the shape of the fingers so that there is no slippage when the game gains in intensity.

A Gamer headset or the Professional Subwoofer-Microphone combination

the Gaming headset is considered a practical piece of equipment, but for some reason some players prefer the Professional Subwoofer-Mic combination.

A good gaming headset

Gaming headsets generally have exceptional sound quality. They are all the more important for players to integrate into the environment of any game. For example, you have to listen to the slightest noise in certain adventure games to anticipate the opponent. For commented games, the gamer also needs good headphones for optimal listening.

Comments can sometimes be about game guidelines or adrenaline-pumping messages. A good gaming headset can also isolate the player from his physical environment allowing him to concentrate on the game in progress. Most gaming headsets have microphones. The player thus has the opportunity to communicate with his partners or team members during games with several players.

The Subwoofer — Professional Microphone combination

These two pieces of equipment combined can replace the gamer headset that combines the whole. Some gamers prefer to keep it simple or struggle with headset amplification. The adequate alternative is therefore a combination of two pieces of equipment which each provide audio transmission and reception.

The subwoofer is often in several parts (basic subwoofer and speakers) to be connected to the PC. For the professional gamer, the audio output is also important. Each game has a specific soundtrack that helps players blend in easily. Also, communications between players are logically based on an exchange. So listening to voices through a balanced sound system can help distinguish words.

As for the professional microphone, it will allow the player to communicate with the other participants. They are designed to filter the voice to ensure faithful transmission with less surrounding noise. The professional gamer is more often in contact with a community of players. Live exchanges are frequent in the field between teammates and even between opponents.

A customizable mouse

For a gamer, the mouse is a very important piece of equipment. Whether wireless or USB, there are mice specifically designed for gaming. With reference to sensors, there are also optical or laser mice. Gamer mice are distinguished by their design and the number of buttons (5 to 15), but above all by their precision. Mice with a DPI very high are the most recommended.

Their cursors move much faster on the screen which allows the player to be reactive in the game. On the personalization side, the mouse must adapt to the hands of the gamer whether he is left-handed or right-handed. A weight system mouse adjustable also allows the player to have balance with each click.

A large mouse pad

Gaming sessions often require absolute precision. If you play with a mouse, the best thing is to put it on a carpet wide enough. Commonly called XXL rug, they have larger dimensions than conventional mouse pads. Thus, the gamer has the assurance that his mouse will not slip off the mat while he plays.

Otherwise, it can cause the player to lose a game that may have had high stakes. XXL rugs have been designed to prevent this kind of inconvenience. In addition to their particular dimensions, they are often made with silky materials so that the mouse slides over them without hindrance. In addition to boosting the performance of the mouse, these materials also provide comfort to the gamer.

A comfortable chair

A professional gamer’s games can take many hours of the day without a break. Since the games are usually played seated, a serious question of comfort arises. For this purpose, there are chairs specially dedicated to gaming. They are designed with comfortable padding and covering materials. In addition to this, their architecture is made of curves and small modules that keep the body in a good posture.

The back and arms are well supported in gaming chairs as they have well-fitting lumbar pillows and armrests. When the comfort is there, the player will have no difficulty in handling his keyboard or his controller even with a long playing time. Gaming chairs are generally adjustable according to the preferences of the player and their playing positions. Their mechanisms are resistant to the image of the sports car seats from which they are inspired.

A spacious office

One thing is to have the right equipment, but also it is necessary to arrange it well to have a pleasant playing environment and which pushes performance. The tables specially dedicated to gaming are the most recommended. The professional gamer must have a very spacious table. The dimension is a criterion not to be neglected to feel comfortable in front of the screen.

Gamer desks are generally designed with compartments to place accessories within easy reach and store their cables, which can become bulky. Also, a good gaming desk should be large enough to hold at least two screens, the keyboard and the mouse. In addition to the somewhat immobile equipment, the gamer must have enough space to have certain tools for the occasion and to move freely around the table.

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The novelty supports up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM. The disk subsystem is represented by two M.2 slots for Gen 3 or 4 SSDs plus space for a hard drive. And all this is housed in a case with a volume of just over two liters. At the same time, we note that to increase the amount of RAM or replace drives, the case can be easily opened.

Streaming games only - MSI's new compact PC looks like an Xbox One S

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As a reminder, today we also learned that some classic games will work even worse on the new consoles than on the original PlayStation.

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Some classic games on the PlayStation 5 will not work as well as on the original console.  All because of the PAL standard

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We know for sure that not all classic PS Plus games will work on PAL. For example, Siphon Filter and Abe’s Odyssey work according to the NTSC standard. However, unfortunately, all Sony Japan Studio games will be the same as Ape Escape.

A complete list of all the games available on PS Plus has also appeared, but for now only for the Asian region. You can get acquainted with them at this link, but in other regions the list may be slightly different.

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Now the SSD in PlayStation 5 seems to be slow.  Apacer showed drives with speeds up to 13,000 MB / s

Apacer showcases next-generation PCIe 5.0 SSDs with read/write speeds of 13,000 and 12,000 MB/s respectively!

Recall that the Sony console has an SSD with a speed of about 7000 MB / s, that is, the new Apacer will be almost twice as fast.

The Apacer AS2280F5 drive does not stand out in any way. It has a heat sink, but overall it’s just an SSD. There is also the Zadak TWSG5 model, which is distinguished by the addition of graphene and aluminum to the cooling system.

There are no other details yet. In particular, the company does not name the controller used, but it could be the Phison E20.

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