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10 awesome Jrr Tolkien stories to discover 10 awesome Jrr Tolkien stories to discover


10 awesome Jrr Tolkien stories to discover



Of his name John Ronald Reuel, Jrr Tolkien is a British writer, author of the greatest successful works among which the saga “The Lord of the Rings”. Many of Jrr Tolkien’s works were published only after his death. The fact remains that this writer will have marked his time and the minds of several generations by his works.


He enjoyed an overflowing imagination which he did not deprive himself of making the world enjoy from the first moments. Find out more about this author’s 10 best stories.

1- The Lord of the Rings

Translated from English “The Lord of the Rings”, this work published in 1954 is one of the most read novels in the world. It must be said that the writer put all his heart into it and spent many years writing it.

The story of ” Lord of the Rings “ takes place in Middle-earth and retraces the perilous journey of a young man pursued by a dark Lord, who wishes to recover his magic ring in the possession of the unfortunate. Between glory and magic, the author’s most famous novel takes you on adventures where the fantastic mingles with the mythical. “The Lord of the Rings” follows the story of the Hobbits and was written in three different volumes before being adapted for cinema.

2- The Hobbit

” The Hobbit “ is one of the first novels by Jrr Tolkien. It is also the prelude to a long and epic saga in Middle-earth.

In this novel, a hobbit named Bilbo is transported on a quest which, at the beginning, is not at all his: to recover a treasure kept by a dragon. His days will then be only dangerous expeditions and fantastic encounters. “The Hobbit” introduces you to mythical characters, including Beorn the human skin changer, at the heart of an incredible Battle of the Five Armies.

3- The Tale of Eärendil

Both man and elf, Eärendil is one of the very first characters of Jrr Tolkien. He was known to be blessed with legendary beauty and wisdom. The tale of Eärendil traces the story of this outstanding sailor who was blessed to carry the star Silmaril and restore hope to the people of Middle-earth.

He sailed the seas and fought great battles including the war of Great anger against the flying dragons, of which he emerged victorious. The star Eärendel is regularly featured in works such as The Book of Lost Tales, “The Silmarillion” and is mentioned in the “Lord of the Rings” saga.

4- Akallabêth

The story told in Akallabêth takes place at Nùmenor, a region located between Middle-earth and that of Valar. Nùmenor, who for a long time was prosperous and peaceful, became subject to many misfortunes and vicissitudes, due to the greed of his rulers.

It must be said that the Nùmenóreans soon enough envied the power of immortality of the Valar people and set out to fight them. The kings of this land then broke the peace pact once sealed with the Valar and began to fight them. There followed a terrible flood which completely engulfed the region of Nùmenor as well as most of its inhabitants. Akallabêth is found in the fourth part of the novel “the SilmarillionFrom the writer.

5- The story of Eriol or Ælfwine

Told in the Book of Lost Tales, the story of the sailor Ælfwine is actually that of Middle-earth, reported by Gnomes . Indeed, at the end of a trip, Eriol meet Elveswho tell him about the life of this land, as they have known it.

From the time of Valar, to that of Men through the escapades of Morgoth , the author brings together in one place, the epic of several generations. Besides, the story from Eriol can look like a sort of conclusion and comes to the end of the Book of Lost Tales.

6- L’Ainulindalë

L’Ainulindalë is at the start of ” Silmarillion »And tells the beginning of a life created by the imagination of a God. More precisely, the Ainulindalë or the Music of the Ainur, is this music thought by the creator God and who is at the origin of the creation of the world. *

Accompanied by his saints, he tuned his melody so well that it resulted in Elves and Men whose lives will then be punctuated. Reworked several times, the Ainulindalë leaves an imprint all in music and a particularly soft vision of the creation of the world.

7- The Fall of Gondolin

It is by the Fall of Gondolinthat the legendary of the author takes shape, long before the Lord of the Rings. As a result of betrayal, the Elves left to their own devices will see their wonderful hidden city of Gondolin fall.

The traveler Tuor surveying the city of Gondolin, will spawn with an elf, the star Eärendel , who will later be the hope of Middle-earth. Published in the Second Book of Lost Tales, the “Silmarillion” and Unfinished Tales and Legends, the Fall of Gondolin is considered one of Tolkien’s three Great Tales.

8- La Quenta Silmarillion

The ” Silmarillion »Largely traces the history of Silmarils and the coming of the Elves to Middle-earth. But even more, the Quenta Silmarillion evokes the life of a large majority of the actors of the writer Jrr Tolkien.

This part of the story is an important phase in the epic of Middle-earth. It marks terrible wars between brothers which will change for a long time the life of each people.

9- Beren and Lùthien

Love is stronger than anything, as human history reveals Berenand the princess elf Lùthien. Yet it is a love that bothers in many ways, in this case the princess’s father.

Then came the idea to send the young man into the mouth of the wolf; Beren must recover one of theSilmarilsofMorgoth. Published after the author’s death and already summarized in Silmarillion, this story is arguably one of the author’s most fascinating.

10- The Children of Hùrin

You have to have a strong heart to savor the most trying of the author’s stories, the history ofChildren of Hùrin.Hùrin is indeed this man cursed by Morgoth, the Dark Lord who tormented Middle-earth for a long time. But Hùrin was not the only one to suffer this curse; she hit her whole family hard.

The life of each member is then only flight, trials, struggle for survival and despair. Everything suggests that the author’s intentions were precisely to mark this tale with a black imprint until its epilogue.


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